Map plotting issue

Hi, last time I opened Citystrides I noticed several issue on activity plotting. Plotted like this the map is unusable to plan any run. Any guess how to solve this?


Not a solution yet, but it sounds exactly like this: Lifemap has solid purple areas

I can’t dig into it directly, because your account is private. I’ll have to talk you through some stuff…

If you hover your mouse over that purple blob, pieces of it should highlight differently & show a popup with a date. If you click, it’ll open that activity. Try doing that for some areas and let me know if those individual activities have wonky maps compared to the source (on the activity page, the tracking service’s logo links out to the activity over there). Maybe there are a bunch of activities with bad map data - I think I had a bug for a minute that was generating some wrong maps like that.

If you can verify that’s the case, then I’m happy to just rebuild your entire activity set - it’s not that much work. It’ll be faster for me to rebuild everything than it will be for you to collect all the activities with bad maps.

yep, also the single activity is wonky :blush:

Ok, thanks for verifying that. I’ll rebuild those today.

Thanks! Really appreciated

Let me know how the individual activities look now.
The LifeMap may still take some time to regenerate, but hopefully the activities are fixed.

Nope, everything seems unchanged. I set my profile as open to everyone if you want to check

Sorry, can you share a link for a bad activity?
Due to some Amazon Web Services downtime, the LifeMap generation is not happening for anyone - so I can’t go find bad activities myself.

here’s one

The problem is always there

Hi James, do you have any news for me? The map is still broken

Here’s an example of a broken activity

It seems like that activity ( ) came across bad from Garmin. I’ve just deleted it from CityStrides, can you please go into your Settings page and put November 25, 2014 into the Sync Missing Garmin Activity form? That form is expecting a yyyy-mm-dd format, so 2013-11-25 should do it.
Let me know after you do that - let’s see if the activity comes through correctly next time… If it does, I can figure out how to bulk-fix your bad activities.

Negative, this is the new 2014-11-25 activity

Ok, I’m going to have to inspect the data further. Thanks for your patience. :sweat_smile:

Hi James, any news?