Map My Run Syncing Issue

My last two runs (6/23 and 6/25) have not synced. The user name is mspescatore.

Really want to make sure that everything is syncing correctly because I am trying to finish a town tomorrow morning. Need to see that 100%! :wink:

I tried logging out and logging back in. Didn’t help.

There’s a massive backlog of work, so syncing & progress calculations are delayed quite a bit. I’m working through it all as quick as I can. :sweat_smile:

Sorry to bother you, again, but it seems as if my runs are not syncing again. My run on 7/20 may not have any new roads, might be just partial completion. My run on 7/21 has no new roads. However, the runs on 7/25 and 7/27 should have numerous new roads since I am visiting family. Thanks for any help you can provide.


If they’re not syncing they won’t exist in CityStrides at all - vs - if they’re not processed then you won’t have progressed/completed streets displayed.

Your account is private (which is fine; no need to change that), so it’s unclear to me which issue is occurring.
Just in case, I’ve started a sync. If it’s a processing issue, I will need the links to the activities so I can know which IDs to work on.

Sorry. I guess I used the wrong terminology. They are synced to my MapMyRun. They aren’t processing with the CityStrides site. Below are the ID numbers.
7/27 - ID number 13857094; MapMyRun
7/25 - ID Number 13826066; MapMyRun
7/21 - ID Number 13581795; MapMyRun
7/20 - ID Number 13502883; MapMyRun

Thank you so much for your quick response. You are always so helpful and timely. I appreciate it.

Can you try logging out of CityStrides and then logging back in via MapMyFitness? This will reset the connection and might help…
Let me know when you’ve done that & I can try a resync.

Apologies, I’m still unsure- are the activities in CityStrides? If they are, I will need the CityStrides link. If not, we will need to figure out that sync issue.

Yes, the activities are in CityStrides.

I did try to log out and log back in and that didn’t work.

ok, let’s see how this reprocessing helps

Sorry. The reboot still did not work. Also, my run from yesterday also did not add my new streets. Any other suggestions?

Is your city in CityStrides? You can search in Cities - CityStrides if you’re not already sure.
I’ll take a closer look when I have some free time.

Yes, the new town is in CityStrides (Fort Mill, SC). Now, my run from today did not post to CityStrides from MapMyRun, which I know may just post later.

Thank you for looking in to this matter when you get a chance.

My run from Sunday, 8/2 never posted to City Strides.

MapMyFitness Link: MapMyRun

I have logged out from all of my CityStrides and Map My Run accounts (laptop and phone). Then, logged back in to both and it still has not synced. Any other ideas?

Ok let’s see how this sync I just started helps

Another day, another run that didn’t log from MapMyRun into CityStrides. I tried to log out and resync that way to see if they would sync in.
You must be getting sick of me :wink:

These are the links for the two missing runs.

Have any of the previously reported activities synced into CityStrides?

It happened earlier this year, and you were able to get them to link in. The activities are now showing in City Strides, but they do not show any new completed streets.

Thank you for helping with this issue. I do appreciate your work.

Do you have any currently missing activities?

There’s a large processing delay CityStrides that’s causing the slowness of calculated progress

Thank you. Those two missing runs processed in!

OK, so this is sounding more like a delay/waiting issue - it doesn’t sound like any activities are missing in CityStrides at this time & I haven’t been doing any manual syncing for your account.

Next time you see a delay in syncing/processing, check CityStrides to see if there’s an overall site-wide delay.

Have fun out there!