Map my run import

I’m not sure if this is related to other issues I have seen in the forum, but I use map my run and not Strava and my activities haven’t imported in the last 3 days.

Is CityStrides showing any info relating to your account?

I notice that I don’t have login details for your account. An email should have been sent out explaining that CityStrides has lost access to your MapMyFitness account. I’m skeptical about that piece of code, though, because the response from MMF aren’t the most reliable.

I think you can resolve this issue by logging out of CityStrides and then logging back in. Let me know when you’ve done that & I can force a sync for your account.

I have logged off and back in to the citystrides site, thank you!

Also my account is 12647 ( I think)

Yeah, that’s it!
I verified that I have the login details, and I started a sync for your account. :rocket: