Map My Fitness import issue?

Hi, is there an issue with importing from Map My Fitness? I ran on Saturday, run still hasn’t appeared in Profile or on life map. Cheers. Rich

Hi - now have two runs not imported from Map My Fitness , one from 23rd and one from 26th. “Status” says there are still ‘24,874 calls left’ does that mean it can make another 24,874 calls in next 24 hours? BUT it also says ‘paused at 500’ - which suggests it has stopped? Sorry bit confused! - Rich

It’s tough - that page displays info for Strava and MapMyFitness. I try to be clear in labeling, but I think I have to move that 15-min alert into the Strava box to further clarify.

You’re right that the ‘calls left’ indicates how many API calls can make until it resets at midnight CST.

I have seen a number of MapMyFitness activities get reported as missing. I can try a manual sync to see if that helps.

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If you can try a manual sync that would be good. I tried ‘sync now’ button myself

I am having the same issue. No activity has synched since 5/24 and I have had activity on everyday. I use map my walk. Dorothy Jensen - CityStrides

Hi @JamesChevalier still nothing showing, did you get a chance to try a manual sync?

@richwarne2003 & @d2004 can you please log out of CityStrides and then log back in? After doing that, try running a Sync Now (top right menu) - I’m hopeful that this will get things working.
It looks like there was a bug in my MapMyFitness sync that allowed tokens to expire, so CityStrides lost access to some accounts.

Hi that worked @JamesChevalier thank you - and pleased to have helped find a bug :slight_smile:

I had the same issue and it worked!! thanks you guys! :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue. I logged out and logged back in, but today’s run still isn’t showing up. I’m not a supporter, so do not have the sync now button.

Thank you James! Logging out and back in and hitting Sync Now did the trick!

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It’s happening to me too James. Last couple days, no runs have synced. Tried logging out/in and manually syncing, but no luck. Appreciate any help. Mike Sikkema - CityStrides

My last two runs from MapMyRun have not synced. My most recent run was last Saturday 5/30 in Bayard, NM. I too tried logging in/out without success.

Hmm, today’s walk has just synced straightaway but I’ve got nothing for 27, 30 and 31 May - which is particularly disappointing as 30 May was an 80km run. Nothing seems to help it?

How’s it look now?

No different. :frowning_face: The activities still haven’t imported. (Although today’s run has.)