Manually Drawing a Run (but not necessarily a Route)

I’ve been able to enter a few pre-GPS runs (mostly old half-marathons and mega walks) into CityStrides by inputting them as temporary “routes” in MapMyRun. I then created a date- and time-specific run or walk along that route to create the exercise that next got synced to here.

But… MapMyRun is extremely finicky about following actual streets (and some trails). A few of my old runs included sections that were the reverse direction on closed freeways or they followed abandoned railroad tracks, neither of which the MapMyRun route creator allows since that’s against the usual rules of the road.

Is there a way (in MapMyRun or Runkeeper or Strava, or anything else that CityStrides can import) to just manually draw the old run? I just want it to connect the dots, no matter where I click to put them.

Any suggestions?

Scott Trimble
Los Angeles, California

Yep, you can manually draw the run in Runkeeper. It’s the best web-based editor I’ve used and continue to use. For drawing/editing in an application, check out I should add that both work with (import/export) .gpx

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Runkeeper worked perfectly. THANK YOU.

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