Manually completing streets, why?

Hi there,

I’m wondering why there is functionality to manually complete streets. I mean, I get some streets can really not be ran, but I prefer you can flag them or vote those away or something. In my city (The Hague, The Netherlands), the number two is completing a lot of streets manually (?) whereas I, number 3, have not completed any street manually at all.


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I think there are several reasons, although I would never manually complete a street, and hate the feature:

  1. You might run the street (say, downtown) but the GPS is WAY off, and you miss nodes. I’ve had this happen to me. (Yes, I would simply re-run it.)
  2. Many streets are on private property. The last city I was running had many that continued into private property. Not everyone would have a clue how to correctly fix that in OpenStreetMaps.
  3. You’re a filthy cheater.

Hi Tjibbe, if you have places that are unaccesable, you should change this in OSM. This site will have regular updates fomr osm. so in time you don’t need to set manual completion.

And if someone else is doing that in your city (on accessable roard). Their are cheating and mostly cheating on themselves.

ps: let me know if you need help on those osm changes

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It’s simple. Its not a runnable street. Could be a fake street, private street, highway or whatever.

If the GPS was wrong and I missed nodes I would also rerun it (like Mitch) but I can see people not wanting to do that. To each their own. Some people are in hard mode some aren’t. People here do get a bit judgey about things.

I used to manually mark streets because I have no interest in trying to figure out how to edit OSM. I don’t think that should be a prerequisite of getting a city 100% done. I have since switched to hard mode because we have a local runner that loves editing OSM and we have a local facebook group and send him the bad streets to update. Not everyone is so lucky!

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