% manual streets of a fellow strider

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Is it possible to see how many streets a fellow strider has done manually? I recently found out that somebody did a lot of his city by checking the Manually option. I want to know how many streets in total.

They are only cheating themselves! Honestly its not the only way either. There are ways to run all the nodes for a street and not actually run the whole street and I have seen people with 100% with lots of gaps they should have filled in. I’m personally pretty meticulous about making sure I run the streets even if CityStrides thinks I ran all the nodes because I want to say that I have definitively run them.


I have often wondered the same thing.

But then I realized there are other ways to game the system.

And ideas have been proposed:

This is not the exact post I was thinking of, as I’m still looking, but it is an example of the topic I was looking for: All Streets or All Nodes? in particular this post All Streets or All Nodes? - #30 by rus.golden

That last link is the example I was thinking of, on gaming the CS system.

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The main thing for me is I have no interest in updating OSM. I know some people love doing it but the vast majority of people don’t want to have understand and figure that out to get to 100%. If I was blocked in any from getting to 100% because I could not get to nodes that required some sort of map update I would be pretty unhappy generally. Certainly you could alter the ranking with the person with less manual complete at the top and the display of how many manual completes is not a bad idea. Then again one person in one town I completed 100% tresmapped and got one of the few roads I did as a manual. How many manual completions you have is very tied to how willing you are to trespass, run in dangerous scenarios or if you love updating OSM.

In the end how many people are actually gaming the system though? I imagine the number to be small. If you are a private strider no one knows about it anyways and if you are public anyone can see the gaming on the lifemap and it would be pretty out in the open and open to judgement from the community. I think its generally a non-issue. If a person really took the time to manually complete a ton of roads just to show up at 100% on a city for the hell of it I would wonder about their mental health…like why?

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@dallas.devries , there are a couple of ways to get OSM updated, without learning OSM.

One way is just to add a comment, on the map, at OSM. There are plenty of people who will take up the cause.


I do not know how effective this is. I might try it next time. But in my area, I don’t see much OSM activity. It’s mostly by me. :wink:

Might need an OSM account too.

Or, you can ask for help in these forums. I have made verifiable edits for others. I rely on a city’s published map, and sometimes a peek at googles street view.

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I don’t have much new to add other than reinforcing two things:

  • I wish I did not identify so much with what tamworthslim wrote on Maximum number of manually complete street - #3 by tamworthslim :

    I’ve completed a few cities myself and the ones where I thought I might be first to do so certainly gave me extra motivation to get out the door on cold and wet days. Literally nobody I know cares I’ve completed these cities or that I was first to do so, but to me it means something.

    I haven’t reached 100% yet, but the simple fact a few people did it reduced my motivation a bit. I want to believe it’s only a small bit, but I also know I have to play mental games with myself to get out the door far more than I’d like!

    I don’t think this strictly has to do with the street completion calculation, as I don’t doubt the accomplishments of the others. I only mean I would hate to take away the motivation from someone after someone else did less work. That’s when I need to remind myself “Literally nobody I know cares I’ve completed these cities”. :slight_smile:

  • I’ve also avoided getting into OSM edits myself so far. I have a number of potential gated streets from my uncompleted San Francisco nodes that I have been meaning to come back to evaluating, but again, not having the drive to reach 100% there anymore also made me postpone getting the edits done in OSM.


I can certainly see a motivation for finishing a city first. Would be cool if you could even be recognized on the city page as the first to do so with a date. I’m first in many of my nearby cities but not the current bigger one I’m working on now. I’m just setting my sights bigger…I want to be the first to complete the tri-city area (Albany/Schenectady/Troy). Either way I hope James continues to add gamification in general to the site. We had discussion about how many of us have to travel pretty far for new roads. It would be good to have goals where we can stay local as well like completing our hometown multiple times.


Putting it on the city’s page would be cool too!

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I avoided OSM for a long time because it seemed too confusing but I soon got the hang of it and now it’s pretty simple to make most edits! Also City Strides is now updating super quick so the maps/street counts are more accurate which is a plus. Let me know if you want a basic tutorial and I’ll share my screen or something :man_shrugging:t3: