Make private striders unique

In response to the requests for ideas to make ‘competing’ with private striders more interesting, while respecting their privacy, I thought of the following:
Right now all private striders look the same. They are called ‘A private strider’ and have the same avatar of an empty silhouet.
I thought it would be nice to create random avatars for them, like a combination of colours and shapes that you see on others sites. Maybe even generate a random ‘nickname’ for them based on a list of words, like ‘Generous Panda’. Of course the avatar and nickname should not be visible anywhere else on the site, so they cannot be traced to an account.
I hope that this will make the private striders less anonymous and more distinct from each other.

How come there are many striders called ”Nameless Runner”? They have a profile page each, like Nameless Runner - CityStrides

They didn’t enter their name (some services provide very little personal info) during signup so I don’t know what it is.
Lots of people just “NEXT”-ing their way through life :rofl:


I kinda like the unimaginative color/shape. Those that want to be anonymous, should all look the same. :grin:

But seriously, I was thinking maybe a unique number, so you would know if it’s the same person in another city…

So whatever avatar, perhaps it could be unique?

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