Luddite problem

I am old and not technologically proficient. None of my runs are showing up in citystrides. I signed in with garmin.

It can take some time to sync depending on how much historic data you have in your Garmin records

Might also have to do with your Garmin privacy setting… I was going to say, you need to ensure that your activities, on Garmin, are public. But I just looked at mine and I share only with “connections”, so now I have my own mystery.

Maybe this is overridden when you authorize Garmin as you sign up here?

Sorry I couldn’t be more help…

But the sight has been under heavy load lately, so things may just be taking a little longer.

Hang in there & welcome!


@ericjrw yes your privacy request gets ignored when you authorise the link to Citystrides :wink:

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Thank you, my setting was “just me” I will run this afternoon and try it.

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Garmin syncing can take some time, because of how they’ve set up their infrastructure. CityStrides has to ask for a certain amount of activities, bit by bit, going through your full history … Garmin doesn’t reply with the activities for these requests - they only reply with acknowledgement of the request & they send the actual activity data sometime later (totally decided within their environment). So it’s a bit of a black box of CityStrides asking for data & Garmin sending it over whenever they feel like it.

Your privacy settings have nothing to do with any of this process.

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It synced everything up to 10/08/2020 and then stopped.

Is it normal for garmin to take a few days to sync

Garmin history syncing can take some time, yes. I don’t think that newly created activities take much time to sync in.

I must be doing something wrong. None of my runs after February 1 have synced.