Longest walk!

World’s Longest Walk? The 14000 Mile Journey from Cape Town to Magadan


I wonder if you would get any streets?

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You wouldn’t, unfortunately, because I have to skip ultra-long activities due to some people recording their flights as walks Updates on March 30, 2022 (Release 536)

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@JamesChevalier Interesting. Although that is the title, it never occurred to me that it would be recorded it as a single activity. I wonder if that would even be possible? In addition to being able to charge (solar work-arounds?), would a device, any device, be able to store that much data as a single event?

Interesting about others recording flights. I did that once, as an experiment, but recorded the event as “wind surfing” I think, but it shows up as “other” : Flight event (only 156.08 miles)

Got the idea mid-flight, so it’s only a middle piece.