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Some areas in Palm Beach County in Florida don’t seem to be syncing (i.e. I ran today and no streets were marked as progressed or completed on my profile). I wonder if this is because the area in question isn’t part of a city in a legal sense, rather, its government is at the county level. I’ve checked on OSM and the streets are all mapped out with the appropriate nodes so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Speaking as a native Floridian (but from the Gulf Coast), it’s probably an unincorporated area. There is tons of it around the state, which is unfortunate for CityStrides purposes. You can find out for sure by consulting maps on the Delray Beach municipal website GIS service, if it is available.

Yeah, OpenStreetMap has Florida pretty sparsely mapped out:

By default, I brought in admin_level value 8 for the cities in CityStrides. That’s what’s pictured here.
Sometimes there’s stuff mapped out in other ways that I can bring in & I’m happy to do that - I just avoid the larger county areas.

Hey James,

Thanks for the reply (and @kevincharlespels too)!

Not sure if there is any additional info that I can provide other than the county being Palm Beach, FL. If you’re not able to add the streets at this level thats okay, just thought I would ask!