Local Leader Board

What would be cool is a leaderboard among local (to you) mappers. Possibly based it on the distance of others from your default city. For example any strider with a base city within 30 miles from your base city would show up in the leaderboard. Allows you to see other local mappers and where you stand. You could make it easy to follow these people and interact with them in some way too.

Would the “region” level work? That would be “easiest” for me…

In your case, adding a tab to this page: New York, United States - CityStrides

:thinking: getting lucky with the first example here - that’s a HUGE area and quickly not local at all … even just within areas of NYC …

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I mean NYC definitely a whole different beast. I’m in upstate NY. There are about 300 Striders around me if I guesstimate based on what I see on some of the cities. Though isolating it to NY is better than nothing.

I would also love to see leaderboards based on state!