Live location in the map

Would be great to have the Mapbox live location option on the website to catch some of the missing streets without remembering them all before my run.

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Yep, that would be helpfull. But i plan my routes beforehand and use the route-following-thingy from for example strava. And yep, that means running with the mobile in your hand. I do it for years without prob.

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In new areas i do livetracking in Endomondo app to see what i have covered.

And for the the planned runs i use gpsies
I can plan the route on my desktop and use it from their app

For a better app you can use gpxviewer
You just have to import the route in gpx file format

Thank you for the suggestions. This is basically what I do as well now, but my point is just that it would be slightly more convenient to see the live location on the citystrides website itself. It could be rather straightforward to add the feature: Locate the user | Mapbox GL JS | Mapbox

Until I find something more useful I use a paper map and pen, I use the pen to line out the streets behind me so not to get lost or cover streets I’ve already covered and I only do this when the area is a bit congested and maze like, where in the past when I didn’t use the map I’d be home looking at the online map and find I’d covered some streets twice and some I had missed altogether meaning I had to revisit and get those missing streets. Trial and error for all of us really but thought I’d share my way.

Maybe it would be nice if you could mark the streets (or parts of streets) where you would like to run.
I do often the same as David.Martin because i can’t remember all the streets I run/walk. In europe most streets are irregular laid out.
BTW I never run/walk with my smartphone in hand, i follow progress on my watch

I just released a feature to monthly subscribers that adds a button to the LifeMap - when you click it, the site will ask permission to access your location & if you allow it then you’ll appear as a little blue dot on the map.

I’ve noticed that it doesn’t work in mobile Firefox on iOS. It does work in Safari, though.
I have no idea how much it affects battery life, yet.

For now it’s only on the LifeMap, but I can use it being useful in situations where you want to see un-run nodes or planned routes (a thing that doesn’t exist yet).


The live location feature is very cool, but I wish I could see my location AND the boundaries of my city at the same time. I’m trying to run every street in my city, so it would be great to be able to see the borders while I’m out.

Thanks for all your hard work!