Limit of 2049 workouts imported from Strava. Cannot import more

Thanks for a great tool but I faced issue while I am importing workouts from my Strava account. Tried few times (recreated account and tried again) and it finishes with 2049 workouts imported (the oldest one came from 12 Feb 2016) when I have 3512 Strava activities and the oldest one is from Nov 2011.

My account is not public now but for any further analyses here is my account Daniel Mroczka - CityStrides
should I wait longer or I have reached my limit?
I have all my workouts in separate gpx files. Is there any chance to uploading it manually?


I’m not aware of any limit to syncing from Strava, so definitely don’t revoke access to “try again” - that will just delay things further.
Are the missing activities all categorized as run/walk/hike? That’s the only type CityStrides brings in…

It would also help if you can share a Strava link to a missing activity. It doesn’t need to be publicly visible - I just need to use its ID from the URL to check to see why my code is skipping it.

Now it is 2887 and I think all my walk/hike/run activities were successfully imported.
My issue is resolved now.
Thanks James for a help.