Lifemap takes long time to update

My lifemap often takes up to 24h to reflect an activity. It doesn’t happen for every run, but 80%+ of activities are affected, is there a way to resolve that?
I need the closure of seeing the run on the map, otherwise I find myself constantly checking the map throughout the day to see the update :sweat_smile:


Mine takes a variable amount of time. Sometimes a briefly as a few hours, sometimes as long as 24h. I haven’t been able to divine any correlations from my anecdotal observations.

Does the status page offer any clue?

/\ That’s the link to the status page. :slight_smile:

But for some reason it’s not opening there for me, from this post. :disappointed:

@kevincharlespels it’s mostly the variation that irritates me. I could live with a consistent offset, even if an instantaneous update would obviously be ideal. The issue has been raised before, but I wanted to see if anything had changed in the meantime…

@ericjrw there is no correlation with the status show on the status page, which adds to the confusion.


Yep completely agree. I’ve brought it up in the past, but was wondering if it was only because I manually sync my runs, and not a more common problem for the average CityStrides user.

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  • Supporter or non-supporter?
  • Does the activity itself appear in CityStrides with a map?

The Advanced LifeMap (for Supporters) is generated after the activity is saved. It’s the “LifeMap Delay” in the Status page, but I don’t usually see this get above a few minutes of delay - nothing like anyone in this thread is experiencing.

I’ve been going on the idea that Mapbox is caching this data, since it internally caches vector tiles. A while back, I added a query parameter to the URL for those vector tiles with a value of the current time - to keep things from being cached at all. I’ve checked with my own map & each page refresh does update that parameter & nothing indicates it’s cached in the browser tools.


I’m a supporter. The activity itself usually processes fine within 1-2 minutes with completed/progressed shown as well as the activity map. All street counts and completion percentages are also updated. Like @kevincharlespels I manually sync my runs, but since every other aspect of the sync works fine I don’t think that this is what’s causing the issue.