Lifemap rerun improvements - make more like a video interface?

Are there any plans in the works to tweak or improve lifemap rerun? It’s something with a lot of potential but not a ton of utility as is, at least for me…whenever I click it my activities speed by so quickly I can’t really appreciate the change. It would be nice if there was a progress bar with a slider - like for a streaming video, with the axis being first → final activity. Further making it like a video interface, on my wishlist would be a speed control. If the default speed was slower, you could add another slider to make replay it slower or faster. Finally, I’d also suggest adding a play/pause button near the sliders so we can have greater temporal control over the stages of lifemap filling in.

The current LifeMap ReRun is pretty dumb. :sweat_smile: It hides all your activities, then iterates over them all (sorted by start time) at a rate of 50ms per activity, showing each one & updating the displayed text as it goes.

  • Add the ability to adjust playback speed
  • Add the ability to pause/resume the animation
  • Add a slider that allows you to drag to a particular point in time
  • Bonus Points™ for animating the slider during the playback

This all seems possible. I think the main hurdle will be designing things so it doesn’t look like a dumpster fire. :grimacing:


I love this idea! I’ve been thinking the same as @kevincharlespels, the animation is way too fast!
Another possible addition could be a “colour by” feature, where the activity colours cycle by month or year. This would add a nice structure to the lifemap as it builds up. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just recorded my lifemap the other day to send to a friend using a screen capture (you could use snagit on your PC or the screen recorder app built into Android to do this). Once in video format I could pause or change the playback speed if I wanted. Maybe a workaround for you if you’re looking to do some sort of analysis of your timeline that you can’t do with the current interface.

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