Lifemap bookmarks

On many, many occasions I pass something and and tell myself “gotta get back there sometime to run those trails / park paths / scenic spot”. I’ll sometimes run a tight circle to make a “scribble” as a marker, but my map is getting kind of dense at the zoomed out level. It got me wondering if map labels or stickers could be a possible future feature? Would be a nice way to mark memories or milestones in a personal way too. Probably other good uses, no idea if it’s doable, love to hear others’ thoughts!


The type of map annotation you’re seeking reminds me of a startup thing I (lightly) participated in beta testing for. Not sure what stage of rollout they’re at but check it out: Felt - Mapping for Everyone

This seems decently simple. Probably a Bookmark which has a latitude/longitude, and maybe a notes field. The UI/interaction would probably be the difficult part, because (on mobile at least) the map is already pretty well cluttered with buttons. :thinking:

Ah, yeah, they maintain the software I use to build the global city map (and used to use for the LifeMap before I switched it to live database queries).


I like this idea. And it definitely beats what I currently do which is take a picture. Why do I have so many pictures of nondescript telephone poles! :thinking:

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Great idea to add a bookmark! Sometimes I’ll take a screenshot with the LiveTrack beacon on so I can re-look at it post-run.

This just went out a few minutes ago…

If you’re on a page with a map, there’s a new bookmark icon in the top navigation. This bookmark icon will be hidden while you’re drawing a route, to avoid a ton of issues. Clicking the bookmark icon drops a marker in the center of the map (at this point it is unsaved).

You can drag the marker to your intended bookmark location. While you’re dragging it, the marker is red (indicating unsaved) & it’s auto-saved when you finish dragging (and it turns green).
You can also add an optional note (if you do not, the bookmark will appear as “Untitled Bookmark”). Similarly, while you’re typing the input field should get a red outline & when you stop typing it’s auto-saved and the input field goes back to the regular highlighted colors.

If you’re on a City, Region, Street, Activity, or Route page, then the bookmark gets associated to that record automatically. Each of these pages now include a new bookmarks tab, and the associated bookmarks will be listed in there. Additionally, there’s a Bookmarks link in the top right menu now - this lists all your bookmarks.

My first use of the feature is for an upcoming mural run in Holyoke, MA on Sunday July 7th at 7:30am … if you’re local & can make it, we’ll be starting from the Open Square parking lot … the route that I’ll be sharing includes a Bookmark for each mural we’ll be visiting.


So if I add a bookmark to show where I encountered a loose dog, will other striders be able to see it?

If you place a bookmark on a public activity/route, it will be visible on those pages. All other bookmarks are private.

I’d consider a UI addition in the main bookmark list to toggle it public, but I would need to consider some things

  • I think if you added a bookmark to a street, it might make sense to also display that bookmark on the street’s city page
  • The current show/hide all experience works for private bookmarks, but would need adjusting for public data
  • I’d need a way to handle “trash” that doesn’t effectively give myself a new part time job e.g. for people who add bookmarks noting info that should be handled in OSM, like private streets
  • I am hesitant to add more to the creation flow, because I want to keep that as quick and low-effort as possible

Good to know, thank you sir

Stopping back in to show some appreciation! Used the function for the first time on mobile a little while back; even with sweaty thumbs it was an easy and quick way to pin a reminder of a place to revisit.

I also used it to mark the place I barfed after 28 miles under full sun on a hot day, :melting_face:.

Thanks again!

I recently made good use of Bookmarks in a Mural Run I hosted with my gym. There are some improvements that could be made (allowing the ability to move existing Bookmarks, maybe some added social aspect, etc) … I’m interested in hearing more feedback as people use them more.