Life map not updating

My map is not showing activity from yesterday. The status does not show a delay. I am happily a supporter.

Also other historical activities missing. Example: I did rim to rim to rim of the Grand Canyon but it looks like I only did 2 sections out of the 4 that I really did.

Is there a way to resend old activities to my map?

I went back and re-saved the activities on Runkeeper hoping that they will update on here… will that work or only new activities are automatic?

Thanks for this awesome resource, I’m addicted :laughing:

Thanks for checking the status page. :smiley: I’ve started the process that rebuilds your LifeMap - let’s see if that helps.

You say that 2 sections are in CityStrides and 2 are not, but I’m unsure if that means that you’re missing two activities entirely within CityStrides or if you have some number of activities that appear to partially exist in CityStrides.
I’ve started a sync for your account, in case you’re flat out missing 2 activities that exist in Runkeeper and do not exist in CityStrides.
If that’s not the case, then I’ll need links to broken activities in CityStrides to help you out further.

I think it’s only new activities that arrive automatically in CityStrides. You do have a “Sync Now” option in the top right menu, though, if - in the future - you notice that an activity is missing in CityStrides that does exist in Runkeeper.

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