Leap Year Event

Seeing how 2024 includes February 29- Any interest in creating some sort of Leap Day Event? Maybe it could be as simple as a Global Running Day. It could encourage another group participation day where you can earn a coveted Leap Day Event Badge (if created :laughing:). And its only available every 4 years!

Love it! I’ll share links/details here after it’s all set up.


Alright, I got this created just in time…

The Challenge page is up here: https://citystrides.com/challenges/397
The “event” type page is http://citystrides.com/leap-year-day


Thank you for creating a new challenge James! Happy striding to all.

I know challenges are for supporters, but I’ll still ask: is this open to all users or just supporters? I’d like to advocate for some challenges (like on holidays or special days like 29 Feb.) to be open to all users as a way to advertise them.

All of the Challenges listed in the footer of the site are open to all. Everyone is automatically entered, as well.

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I have no idea how I missed them–thanks!

Thanks James for creating yesterday’s challenge…and the New Badge rocks!! :grinning:

That was a fun one & definitely got me out of the house … I did not want to run yesterday and it was super cold/windy … but I couldn’t skip!! :sweat_smile:

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