Just started looking at the Leaderboard in the menu. Not sure I understand how it works, but if I choose Sweden I see a lot of runners in the top who do not seem to be Swedish. A guess is that it contains any runner who has at any time run in Sweden?
If so it doesn’t seem relevant! I would like to see a top list of Swedish runners! But how to determine those? In your profile you can set default city, so maybe the leaderboard should contain all runners who have a default city in Sweden?

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Yeah it includes anyone who has ever finished a street in the chosen city/region/country.
It’s definitely awkward, but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and fully consider different behaviors.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem that someone who has only finished one street in e.g. Sweden is included in the Leaderboard while filtering on Sweden … I think the problem is that the displayed stats (and therefore the ordering) aren’t also scoped to Sweden (which would push that person down to the bottom of the list, even if they’re very high on the global Leaderboard).

I’ve got some ideas, now that this post forced me to think about it for a minute :smile:


Good point, I was thinking about including only runners based in this country, but a better take would be to only include runs in this country

Also from my side, this is strange visualization when filtering the leaderboard. I would expect when filtering on a country, it would show the one with the most streets count in that country on top.

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