Leaderboard order?

Wondering how it is decided what order the 100% complete striders in any given city are listed. It seems random and varied but there must be a algorithm of some sort, no?

I am pretty sure it’s in order of who got 100% first

No it’s definitely not in order of completion. My friend has move to the top position of Berkeley despite being the 4th to finish. That is what sparked my curiosity. She had been in 3rd position and then suddenly was at the top.

It is by user id, lowest id first.

Hm. That’s not it either. @rpiccolino , @tompaolino and I have all completed several cities in RI, but our names are in different orders for different cities (Warwick, Johnston, Warren, Barrington). For Central Falls and Pawtucket, I was the first to complete (user id 5240) but Lauren (id 13236) sits up top. Maybe the most recent to complete is bumped first?


Huh, you’re right, could’ve sworn that used to be the case… or my sample size at the time was not large enough :stuck_out_tongue:

For the Leaderboard page - If you’ve chosen a sort order, it’ll use that. Otherwise it uses the count of completed streets.

On city pages - I only specify the percentage complete value. Any further ordering is internal database magic.

Found an interesting example of the magic at work! For Warren RI (don’t see it with any other towns), There are 3 striders at 100%, but the top spot is ranked as 2nd. I love to see Rob and Tommy at the top so it doesn’t make a bit of difference to me, but I’m always curious how the back end of things work.

There are two views of a city. You’re looking at your view of the city page (linked from your profile) vs the general city page. You will always appear at the top of your own city page.

The ranking in each city is cached, so that might be why you and Rob are listed as 2nd place. That will probably be updated soon.