Layout on mobile - change recommendation


I think the layout on mobile should change a bit. The recently completed streets should be under the recent activities. This is, what the page for a particular city looks like on mobile:

The interesting (for me) part is in the last bit where I can see my latest runs. Also, as it is a page about a certain city, I think at the end there should be the top striders for that city and not in general.

Or make the street part collapsible.



:rofl: :sob:

Yeah, this definitely needs to be fixed. Thanks for reporting it!

Oh, this isn’t a page about a specific city. That’s your default city (changeable from your settings page). The list of streets are those that you’ve recently completed - if you had run in another city, those would have been listed there as well.

You’re right, my fault.

Also, I’m new in this forum. Didn’t think to post this in “Ideas”

When the homepage looks like yours, I can see it would be very easy to think it was city-specific.

It’s all good. I move posts around into other categories all the time.

Welcome to the forum! You’re off to a great start, with some very useful feedback. :smiley:

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I’ve just noticed the design changes on mobile. Thanks a lot for that. And the pinned city is a great idea.

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