Last Node on Street Not Reachable

Previous 100% Striders ran Fairfield Street the same distance but the last Nod on my lifemap is not reachable. It is someones private driveway. I looked at the other 2 Striders who completed this street and they both turned around the same place I have but I still have the red nod showing.

Picture of nod/area.

Could be that it’s literally a 1 meter difference in the gps trace from your run and the others.
If that last node is a private part, change it in openstreetmap accordingly (split the road and make the private section private. as a bonus you could make the ‘point’ where the gate is, an actual gate tag in OSM)


like this:


I wonder if others had completed the street manually? Or maybe ran there before the gate was installed? But, as @petje said, an OSM update would be the right fix.

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