It's lonely at the top

I wanted to see what the field currently looks like, so I made a chart of the top 100. Crazy to see how far ahead the leaders are


Yeah spreads out quite a bit after 10k it seems.

I’m in 167 place where its starting to spread out a little but its still doesnt take too much to advance a spot.

It would a cool feature to see how many streets behind the next spot or the next 10 spots is. Kind of give you motivation to run extra streets. Showing you how far behind the spot behind you is could also give some motivation if you see it decreasing :slight_smile:

If I recall correctly, James had some trouble getting the leaderboard to work efficiently. So I think this would have the same problem as he faced there. (That’s the reason the leaderboard only updates every x hours or days) That said, you can use the leaderboard, go to your page (divide your rank by 12), and get an idea of the people near you.

Yeah, I mean I can and have looked manually by just browsing the overall leaderboard. I only have to click though like 10 pages worth of people. Just another idea for James to think about if he is bored :slight_smile:

You can fill in the page number and press enter to go to that page rather than manually clicking through. Hence why I said take your rank and divide by 12.

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I think adding a link from your rank on the profile page to the correct page of the leaderboard would be pretty cool. It’s possible to go “directly” to the right page, but it’s a bit clunky.

I think having a quick visual which shows your rank ± 3 or 5 striders on the “street line” would be an intuitive way to display the gaps. The way the leaderboard is set up doesn’t make it easy/convenient to compare (only 2 striders shown on screen on my phone, different container structure for private striders…).