Issues with Strava imports this afternoon?

Noticing that the strava activities scheduled to import on the status page keeps increasing over the last 3 hours and that my latest run hasn’t yet imported. Anyone else having issues tonight?

Yup me too.

My run from yesterday afternoon didn’t sync with Strava either.

Update: Woke up to it having been synced this morning. I guess it just took a while to queue through the Strava backlog last night :grin:

My account (user 6502) is also missing a run from 5p EST yesterday. I ran with user 6516 and his run does not show either.

A run from this morning has already posted and been processed, however.

I hit “sync now” under the top right drop-down and it showed up right away, so that might fix it for those who are missing a run from yesterday

Syncd automatically now and I can see the queue decreasing now.

Yep, lots of new signups have pushed CityStrides into Strava API limits again. I’ve got a decent strategy to handle this, though, so the most delay should be ~24hrs.

You should be able to view CityStrides to determine where things stand.
The top section (Strava/MapMyFitness) is the wait for the activity to even be seen in CityStrides.
The bottom section (Activity Processing Delay) is the wait for the activity to have progressed/completed streets.

// @Stef @lukelemond @jpbari

Thanks, @JamesChevalier.

Question - when I did “sync now” it worked, but does that action on my part add a bunch to the API limit problem? I don’t know how many API calls a sync creates/uses from the quota.