Issues with 4/1 activity

4/1 not capturing streets of showing up on lifemap.

Everything has updated and worked from 4/2,just not the 4/1.

Yeah, syncing is very slow and also very weird.
New activities will probably arrive before historic activities, because of how All This™ works.

Thanks for your patience … it’s not usually this wild. :flushed:


Happy to be patient and not urgent that it update right away…but that 8.5 mile activity still hasn’t shown up on lifemap or registered streets.

Just keeping it on the radar.


I have an activity from 4/2 not showing on Lifemap.
No urgency, but just wanted to point out.
Due to the confinement, running in the vineyards on trails I haven’t been on before…

Still missing this one on life map and streets not accounted for.

Still missing.