Issues around Hicksville & Oyster Bay, NY borders

Did a run through the below city, really a suburban town, and noticed when looking at my run that no streets were listed for this town. In looking at the town in CS, the border is odd looking and no streets are listed. Maybe an OSM issue?

Thank you for checking.

Ah, I see. It was deleted from OpenStreetMap because it’s not a proper administrative boundary.

I searched for the town in Wikipedia, and see that it’s within Oyster Bay. The Oyster Bay in CityStrides is quite small. I found this one in OpenStreetMap.

I might have to:

  • Delete Hicksville
  • Delete the existing Oyster Bay
  • Import the larger Oyster Bay

I don’t have familiarity with the area, though, so I’m not going to take any action until others chime in with opinions.

Thanks for the reply James. Hicksville should have a proper boundary like the other towns around it that are part of the larger township of Oyster Bay. I guess the proper fix would have to take place in OSM.

It did exist in the past ( Relation History: 175623 | OpenStreetMap ) so maybe it wasn’t deleted because it wasn’t supposed to exist? Maybe it was deleted because it was broken somehow?

I can’t figure out how (or if it’s possible) to view the data as it existed at the point in time of those historical edits. I came close with Relation: ‪Hicksville‬ (‪10805170‬) | OpenStreetMap but that’s just a couple lines…

Interesting. It definitely should exist just like the towns that surround it. Maybe someone, either inadvertently or maliciously, made a change in OSM that broke the boundary.

Well, it says in the history:

Version #25

Removing; not an admin boundary

Raderades för omkring 1 år sedan av ZeLonewolf· Ändringsset #88425001

ZeLoneWolf is Brian Sperlongano at StreetFerret, maybe ask him what he meant?

I posted about the lack of a boundary in the OSM forum and someone added it. From what I can tell, it looks accurate.

Will it get picked up the next time CS does a refresh in this area?

Yeah hey, I deleted it because it was so badly mangled that it was beyond repair at the time. But thanks to whoever added it from the latest TIGER. I did update the tagging to boundary=census which is the correct tagging for a CDP (vice the actual administrative entity of Oyster Bay). As far as whether or not you want to include CDPs in CS – not my call :slight_smile: