Is it possbile not to sync walks?

I was just wondering if there is an option somewhere that I missed to stop CS from syncing walks from Strava?

The only way I can think of is recording the activity NOT as one of the types listed here: New garmin activity type not yet set up to import to CS? - #2 by JamesChevalier

Maybe there is another type of activity that you could use as “walking”, that CS won’t import?

Or, maybe, setting just your walking activities as private (in Strava)? Not a big user of Strava, so I’m not sure about this idea.

PS. I do more walks than runs lately, so I echo @73d54dd445d16e2f363a (Catriona) sentiment (below)!

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I do all my activities as walks as I’m not a runner so I definitely hope that doesn’t change! I’m grateful that James has the system set up to allow for us slow achievers :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was more thinking along the way of having options to sync/not sync certain activities. I am guessing the tricky bit is to see which activities are possible. Garmin connect e.g. has a lot more options than Strava.