Invisible streets

I have come across a few streets where the street is not visible on my CityStrides life map, but is clearly visible on the underlying OpenStreetMap. Examples are Bridge Street and River Road West in Lane Cove Municipal Council, Sydney, where some of the street shows and some does not, and also Carlyle Lane in North Sydney Council, where the street appears on the street list and there is a string of nodes on the map if you select that street, but no street displaying on the map.

Does anyone what (if anything) needs to be done in OpenStreetMap to correct this, or is it perhaps some sort of import issue with CityStrides?


CS uses mapbox, and mapbox uses OSM. But mapbox only updates their maps on interval basis. So in the near future the view in CS via mapbox should be in sync

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The situation does indeed seem to have resolved itself.

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