Integration with Smashrun and/or Tapiriik

Smashrun ([]) is a very nice analytical platform that has an API for integration ([]) with very relaxed terms. It might be a good alternative to Strava’s API limits.

Integration with [] might also help to overcome Strava’s API, besides letting users import their runs from many other fitness apps.

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Hi Pedro,

I would post this in the Ideas category - that allows people to vote on ideas and serves as a way for James to keep track of what has been suggested and is valued by the community.

Does Tapiriik actually host any data? My recollection it was just to keep different accounts synced with the same activities in each.

I was under the impression I posted in the Ideas category (I see an “Ideas” tag in my post).

No, Tapiriik doesn’t host any data. As you said, it’s just a sync tool. But if citystrides provides a method to upload activites then you’ll be able to get your data in from almost any site and, as a side benefit, you won’t be subjected to the Strava API rate limits.

Clever work around for the Strava API issue.

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