Indoor corridor showing nodes in CS

I’ve made pretty good progress with editing OSM to fix inaccessible node issues but I’m completely stumped by this one. A corridor at my local hospital is showing nodes as if it were a road. When I look at OSM its feature type is indoor corridor. Is there some tag that’s causing it to be pulled in as a road by CS?

Cities aren’t updated instantaneously in CityStrides - maybe it was tagged in a way that brought it into the site, and then it was edited in a way that’ll exclude it … then we’d just have to wait for the next update to complete.

If you share the link to the city page, I might be able to take a closer look.

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That would make sense. The city is London Borough of Southwark London Borough of Southwark, England - CityStrides Thanks James

I actually have the same issue in Boston, MA. Boylston Arcade is listed as a street when it’s actually a corridor inside the Prudential Mall. I tried to edit it in OSM, but couldn’t figure out what to change since the settings were different than a regular street.

Hi ceeej,

The corridor had these tags:
image .

I have just changed them to these tags:

It is no longer tagged as a ‘highway’ so should be removed on the next update.


Ah, ok, the street is in Greater London: Hospital Street in Greater London, England - CityStrides
So that street won’t be removed until Greater London is updated.


@JamesChevalier, from what I’ve seen on the OpenStreetmap wiki, ‘highway=corridor’ and ‘indoor=corridor’ are both valid methods to designate corridors within buildings. Maybe you could add ‘highway=corridor’ to the overpass spreadsheet to catch any other instances out there?

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Brilliant thank you, I knew it must be in the tags somewhere but couldn’t work it out.

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It does look like highway=corridor is a valid OSM tag, so I’m not sure the best route forward is to remove that tag from OSM. That wiki entry does suggest that this tag is only for indoor corridors. So if that wiki is still correct, it seams reasonable for CityStrides to ignore highway=corridor records. If there are valid “streets” that are then ignored by this change, the fix would be to fix its tagging in OSM.

Here’s the list of valid indoor values. It looks like both yes and corridor are valid.

It seems safe for me to ignore everything tagged indoor=yes as well.

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Revisiting this topic as Boston just updated and it still lists Boylston Arcade as a street.

UPDATE: Guess I just had to be a touch more patient with the city update. It’s been removed now. :slight_smile:

When I try to edit the highway tag, it doesn’t give me “indoor” as an option in the drop drown menu:

I just tried changing it from “highway” to “building”, but it didn’t like that so I chose to just remove the tag completely. The feature type at the top now lists it as a “indoor feature”. Will that remove this non-street from the street listings @JamesChevalier ?

I just found this corridor inluded in CS


Shouldn’t these be excluded? Stockholm was updated on April 28…

I haven’t adjusted the query to ignore indoor=yes yet; that’ll go out in the next release

Ok, great!:+1: