Increase Strava API limits?

I understand that Strava has some API limitations for development. However, it may be worthwhile trying to work with them for a rate limit adjustment:

I found this app due to a stay at home order and trying to run all the streets in my neighborhood as a distraction and I can’t be the only one based on the increased demand you’ve seen lately. This likely won’t change and will give you nice negotiation leverage with the folks at Strava.

Yeah, I’m on my second round of requesting a rate limit increase. I notice that the documentation has changed since my last request to include some details they noted in their rejection letter. They’ve been silent on my latest request (and some follow-up) but it coincides with All This Virus Stuff so I’m not about to complain about response time right now - we could all use a little leeway.

I’m doing everything I can, between reducing my usage and prioritizing accounts and requesting a rate limit increase (in a way that describes how I have a finite ceiling on the total number of Strava users that will be usable within their limits).

I do appreciate the time and effort you spent looking into the Strava API. Thank you for lending a hand.

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What about a second web server and API account to serve as a pass-through? Like, server #2 just pulls data all day long into the format you need, and stores it in its own database until the CitiStrides server fetches the data from server #2, at which time server #2 could delete it or mark it as used?

No, because all API calls are tied to the originating authenticated service. CityStrides the app has an identifier, and when you authenticate with Strava you’re allowing that specific CityStrides app access to your Strava account … I can’t swap out the app, because another app wouldn’t have access to your account. (never mind the TOS probably not allowing this)

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On the developer forum, someone suggested that they could use multiple apps to get around the limit. It wasn’t sanctioned by Strava, but it also wasn’t not sanctioned:

Check out this response I got from Strava Support today!

“Thank you for your patience. We’ve resolved the issue with CityStrides and Strava API.
I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Strava Support Team”

Yeah they silently increased the API limits for CityStrides a few days ago! :tada:
It has been interesting (read: extremely stressful) to figure out how to handle the new load. :sweat_smile: The previous load was manageable with the current servers, but the new load requires something different - that I’m still learning/figuring out.
This is why there has been a little downtime & slow syncing/progress calculations.

Thanks for your patience!


Thank you for all you do! Your hard work with CS has kept me motivated towards a goal as races get canceled or go virtual. I’m sure other crazy runners feel similarly.

Again, thank you! :clap:t3:

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