Incorrect numbers of streets in some municipals in Denmark

In 2007, there was a municipal reform in Denmark. This meant that there were several municipalities that were merged under one municipality. It has the unfortunate effect in Citystrides that one of the current municipalities may well be merged by 3 former municipalities. Each of the 3 former municipalities has a road called Vibevej, for example. When you run in one of the old municipalities and here Vibevej completes, it does not count until Vibevej is also completed in the other two old municipalities. This actually means that the number that indicates how many roads there are in 1 (new) municipality will not be true. The way Denmark distinguish between the three roads is that the postcodes are retained corresponding to the old municipal boundaries. Will it be possible to do the same in Citystrides, and thereby get a more accurate picture of the number of streets in the municipality?

It might be possible to use nested cities, but for that the old borders have to be available in Open Street Map.

I don’t think OSM support that… :slightly_frowning_face:

The issue is the way that OSM reports data. Basically, it doesn’t give the information to identify what the street is. Instead, what gets reported are all the nodes, their GPS coordinates, and the name of the street.

So, for this site, a “street” is the collection of nodes within a single city with the same name.

Since the site only knows the city of Vibevej, then all nodes with the same same will be the same street. One way to “fix” this which might be acceptable to OSM would be to append the postal code to the street name for each of the three iterations. But it might not be acceptable.

My sister lives in East Haddam, Connecticut, USA. The street she lives on had the same name as another street in the same city. For a long time, all mail I sent to her was delayed as they tried to deliver it to the wrong place. Eventually the city added a #1 and a #2 to the street name just to differentiate the two streets.