Incomplete streets marked as complete (not the 90% issue)

Some have rightly complained in that some complete streets are not marked as complete but as far as I know, nobody has posted yet about incomplete streets (less than 90% of nodes) that are marked as complete.

Why is it a problem since you get credit for a street without much effort?
You may believe that you have completed a neighborhood but sooner or later, the bug will be fixed, and you may have to come back for just one street or two. And even if you are aware of the bug, the red nodes are not showed anymore with the node hunter, and it makes striding more difficult, especially in large cities.

I suspect that this bug happens because the completion is not re-checked when new nodes appear (thus changing the percentage of completion). I don’t know whether @JamesChevalier’s corrections from the last days already deal with those situations. I hope so, and in this case, there is no to do, but after running almost 20 streets today that were wrongly marked as complete before my run (mix of the this bu and, I decided to make my finding official.

  1. Streets that were excluded in CityStrides until last update because of the tag highway=track (Should "highway=track" records exist in CityStrides?):

My percentage: 25%.

  1. Streets with new nodes (often large streets with nodes on each side, or phantom nodes mentioned in another recent thread):

My percentage: 54%.

  1. Combination of and

My percentage: 2%

Am I the only one with this problem?
@JamesChevalier: What do you think?

I make my profile public so as to appear in the list of striders, but for privacy reasons, I will only stay public for 24 hours. Sorry for this.


Paris was updated today (2021/02/25). I still have 2 “complete” streets there with respectively 25% and 50% of the nodes complete. These 2 streets should be incomplete, what they are not.

My interpretation is that the issue has not been solved by the multiple updates in the last weeks, and even if most striders do not invest any time to check this kind of things, it is a serious bug.

Keep on the good work!

Thanks for your patience :sweat_smile:

Yeah it looks like nodes are being added to streets, and anyone who has already completed the streets is left as complete.

This is something that I’ll have to look at separately from any of the other city update issues (which I think I’ve resolved). Thanks for reporting this!

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I just found that this street Karolinska vägen Karolinska vägen in Solna kommun, Stockholms län - CityStrides
it’s listed as Complete, but when I look at the details I’m only at 77%. How can that be?

I have a to-do/bug-report in my list:

When new nodes are created, the street needs to be recalculated for anyone who has completed it

I’m thinking that you did complete the street in Hans Westerback's Activity on February 21, 2019 - CityStrides but then more nodes were added to the street, and your “completed” status remains.

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If what’s shown in CS is not correct, I think we can all agree that’s a problem :slight_smile:

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Yep :point_up: two posts up - this is being taken Very Seriously™ and is of High Importance™ and We Have Our Best Minds On It™ (well…) :smiley:


I have something that will address this going out in the next release.
There’s new code at the point of adding new nodes to existing streets. It kicks off a new set of jobs that will check whether the street is still completed (for anyone who has already completed it) & if it’s not then it’ll unmark it. If it happens out that you’ve already completed the node that was added, the existing system will pick that up & re-mark the street as completed.

It won’t address existing streets that are improperly marked as complete - I’ll need to manually start that for people (unless I happen to think of a safe way to look through everyone’s data).

I’ll post again here after it’s out & I’ve reprocessed your accounts.

// @hans1


OK, the latest release - which includes a fix for this - is out now: Updates on April 30, 2021 (Release 88)

I’ll reprocess your accounts as soon as I can.