Include route name in export file

I noticed today that Garmin Connect now also imports the route name from the .gpx file when importing a route (it used to leave the name blank). Currently, CS sets the parameter in the .gpx to “strider’s Route”, would it be possible to assign the name of the route as given in CS instead? That way it would import the name at the same time as the route, eliminating the need to (re)name the route in Garmin Connect.

Nice find! This is being released now.

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:notes: whoops :musical_note:
I didn’t actually fix it - got this message sent to me privately because I closed this topic too soon:

responding here as the thread is closed.
As you mentioned that you were implementing this straight away (thanks!) I wanted to test it. It still shows the name as “JOMS’s Route”.

Right now the "<metadata <name " tag gets set to the name of the route in CS, which to me makes intuitive sense. I think that Garmin Connect, however, bases its import on the “<rte < name” tag. Would it be possible to update that one with the CS route name instead?

I had included the tag name in my original post but didn’t notice that closing the tag with > makes the tag disappear from the text :angry:, sorry about that.

it works now, or at least it just did for me! route name from route builder was same as route name in Courses on Garmin Connect :+1:

Great! Sounds like I can actually close this out now :grimacing:
I’m happy to see these route files are useful!