Include before/after stats for city update emails

I’ve been loving the more frequent city updates. It’s super nice to change a driveway or something to private in OSM and have it be reflected 1-2 weeks later, at most.

However, for my cities, I find there’s a lot of streets that get updated without really changing anything. Maybe some metadata on the street was changed in OSM, maybe the node positions were tweaked slightly, I’m not sure. But most of the time, when a street is updated, I still have either 0% or 100% on that street. This makes the emails that go along with the updates a little bit unhelpful, since there’s often 40+ streets that get updated with maybe 1-2 “real” changes that impact completion.

Right now, each email update has:

  • x Created Streets
  • x Deleted Streets
  • x Updated Streets

I think it would be awesome to have a couple additional stats for the email updates:

  • Previous completion percentage: 40.51%
  • Current completion percentage: 40.67%
  • Streets that you previously completed that are now incomplete:
  • Streets that were previously partially completed that are now complete:

This way you can easily see that if your completion percentage stayed the same, and the last two lists are empty, nothing “significant” changed for your current progress (i.e. no need to go to the LifeMap and re-scan previously completed areas), even if there were tons of updated streets from the list above.

Maybe the last two lists are difficult, and if so, maybe we could just add the before/after percentages?

Thanks so much @JamesChevalier!

If this feature gets implemented, it might also be useful to only get an email if your percentage has changed. This would be useful to get notified when a city you previously completed requires an extra pass.

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@mathsaey - You may be onto something here - there are certainly times where an email update should not be needed (e.g. one street got updated and it was complete before and after).

But your total percentage could stay the same if the something like this happens:

  • 1 street that you previously completed gets edited and is no longer complete (new stretch of road got added or something)
  • 1 street that you hadn’t yet completed (let’s say some of it was gated so you marked that piece as private in OSM), is now showing as completed

In that case, you wouldn’t get an email even though some meaningful changes happened.

I guess I don’t really mind the emails, but I frequently see updates for some streets for seemingly no reason. My idea is to make those update emails easier to parse for these meaningful changes.

Yes, I would love this! I often notice that the total number of streets I have completed changes after an update, but I usually don’t want to spend the time going through the updated streets to see which ones completed or uncompleted because of the change