Inaccessible nodes, Manual Completion vs OSM edits

I’m getting close to finishing my city, some of what is left is inaccessible. I have made some OSM changes, but they obviously take a while to get adopted in CS.

Should I mark streets with inaccessible nodes as Manually Completed?


I’d say that’s a personal preference since manually marking only affects you.

Personally I want to have no manually marked streets on my account. I don’t expect everyone else to follow the same “rule” nor do I judge if people do mark streets manually. I’ve chosen this “rule” because I want to see if I can complete each street as “clean” as possible. If a street is wrong in OSM, I’ll go correct it there so that others can benefit from a more accurate map later. I have no problem with waiting months for these OSM changes to be ingested into CS.

tl;dr = you do you. Your choice doesn’t affect anyone else’s account.

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Thank you for sharing how you do it. I’m interested in hearing other people’s experience.

I recently finished Benfica: Benfica, Lisboa - CityStrides

On my final run, I had 8 streets left, but only 3 actually populated nodes on the map. The other 5 had zero nodes, such as Avenida Condes de Carnide: CityStrides

I manually completed those without a second thought!

Another issue I’ve had in the past is where a road extends beyond a locked gate or private property, such that the final node is inaccessible. I will update that in OSM and mark as complete, and when the OSM update is performed it will retroactively change the ‘manually complete’ to ‘completed on XXXX’. Just as a comparison to Marty’s style; I also resisted manually completing streets for months, but knowing that physically completing them will override the manual mark later makes me feel just fine with it.

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+1 on that one. After future updates from osm to CS, the manuals will disappear by themselves

I am personally holding off on marking streets as manual complete. I know they should clear, when the city is re-processed, but since the re-process is still in its infancy, I’m waiting.

In my city, Keller, I have 10 streets to go, all suffering from the zero-node issue. I kind of want to see them clear on their own. I know I can always go to the manual method, but only one shot at the [first] automatic. :slight_smile:

When I am running a new city, I will manually mark unrunable streets as complete, edit OSM to reflect the correct changes. When I reach 100% of the city, I will go back and unmark the manually completed until the next OSM refresh.

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Not only am I not marking streets as manually completed, I’m also running down every street, even if the street’s nodes were picked up by running the cross streets. (This is relatively common in cities with a solid grid of streets.)

When I can say I’ve completed my city, I’m not going to mean that I’ve gone through all the nodes. I’ve run all the streets. (Luckily, there are no completely inaccessible streets in my city; just streets I wouldn’t run at night or with the traffic. The city limits stop before the closest Interstate Highway.)

(Now comes the next issue: how much have the city limits changed since they were last imported into City Strides? How many streets are in the city that City Strides thinks are outside the city?)


This is part of the reason I’m not too worried about infrequent OSM ingests. My main city was incorporated over 150 years ago but is still expanding. New developments are being built and thus new streets created every few months. However, it takes an OSM user to notice these new streets and willing to spend the time entering them. I’ve found streets that have been around for 6+ years (verified via looking at Google Street View images) but weren’t entered into OSM until I was running in area. Thus I may eventually reach 100% completion on CS for my city based on the OSM data at that time but truly there is an asterisk on it because the data’s crowd sourced nature and the possibility of new changes to be entered in the future. Major metropolis cities probably don’t see as much street turnover in OSM but it happens from time to time. I’d rather enjoy the miles exploring than worrying about a 100% badge on my profile that may be fleeting every time there is a new update.


@fredrik.coulter - These are exactly my own personal “rules” too.