Inaccessible gated facilities

Good day and happy new year, In an effort to complete a street (Bumps pond road, Plymouth) I was greeted by a DOC officer who informed me the road is inaccessible . If fact it is gated. There are sally ports with officers at each gate. Could you please have this street removed from the streets of plymouth []
locations MASAC at Plymouth Myles Standish State Forest, 1 Bump Pond Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360 … The Massachusetts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center, also known as MASAC at Plymouth, … Thank you Cindy Maccaferri

It will have to be edited on OpenStreetMap to mark its private status, whereupon it will disappear from CityStrides after a while. I would do it myself but am not acquainted with OSM customs in the US.

I’ve done the changes (and some more)

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