Improvement: Updated "Become A Supporter" Flow

I feel a little awkward announcing this, since it’s a bit self-serving, but I have had people inquire about subscriptions & I do need to pay for all this… So…

I used to use a separate site for contributions. (It’s actually an open source project of mine that I used for this: )
I just moved that feature into the CityStrides site itself. Along with this move, I’ve added the ability to contribute on a monthly basis.

This is live now at … The pricing tiers are all basically the same, so there shouldn’t be any surprises in that respect. I did set all the prices to be the US dollar equivalent to kilometers, though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I do want to clarify that contributing is not required and that using CityStrides is still free!)

I plan on adding more perks for being a subscriber - the ideas that I am kicking around so far are support access, no ads, early access to features, and input on features. One thing I’m trying to adhere to is the idea that non-supporters don’t get anything less, but supporters get more.

Let me know if you have any feedback.
Have fun out there!


You should probably add a PayPal-donation button, since not everyone owns creditcards (like me :wink: )

Hey James, how about a paypal option for the supporters? I would donate with paypal, but can’t do so with credit card.


I’d also be interested in a paypal option! Or at least some more info about how credit card information is kept secure.

I just looked at the supporter options but noticed it is only possible by creditcard. I guess Paypal is out of the question?

Yeah, it’s just debit & credit at the moment.

I use Stripe as my payment processor, so I’m limited to what they accept. I’m also limited by any development time required to enable a new form of payment. They offer many payment options, but some of them require more work on my behalf.

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Found our credit card and did a 2 month supporter. That will keep me busy during the winter. :snowman_with_snow:

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