Improvement: Updated "Become A Supporter" Flow

I feel a little awkward announcing this, since it’s a bit self-serving, but I have had people inquire about subscriptions & I do need to pay for all this… So…

I used to use a separate site for contributions. (It’s actually an open source project of mine that I used for this: GitHub - JamesChevalier/donoku: A simple secure Heroku-ready Sinatra-based app to collect donations via Stripe. )
I just moved that feature into the CityStrides site itself. Along with this move, I’ve added the ability to contribute on a monthly basis.

This is live now at CityStrides … The pricing tiers are all basically the same, so there shouldn’t be any surprises in that respect. I did set all the prices to be the US dollar equivalent to kilometers, though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I do want to clarify that contributing is not required and that using CityStrides is still free!)

I plan on adding more perks for being a subscriber - the ideas that I am kicking around so far are support access, no ads, early access to features, and input on features. One thing I’m trying to adhere to is the idea that non-supporters don’t get anything less, but supporters get more.

Let me know if you have any feedback.
Have fun out there!


You should probably add a PayPal-donation button, since not everyone owns creditcards (like me :wink: )

Hey James, how about a paypal option for the supporters? I would donate with paypal, but can’t do so with credit card.


I’d also be interested in a paypal option! Or at least some more info about how credit card information is kept secure.

I just looked at the supporter options but noticed it is only possible by creditcard. I guess Paypal is out of the question?

Yeah, it’s just debit & credit at the moment.

I use Stripe as my payment processor, so I’m limited to what they accept. I’m also limited by any development time required to enable a new form of payment. They offer many payment options, but some of them require more work on my behalf.

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Found our credit card and did a 2 month supporter. That will keep me busy during the winter. :snowman_with_snow:

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I know this is an old thread, but it’s actually my first reply on this forum. I’m enjoying CityStrides so far, and would certainly contribute if there was a PayPal option, but am hesitant to enter my credit card on another website. Just wanted to add my opinion. Keep us the great work though James!

FYI, the payment flow is handled by Stripe.

Bumping this. I don’t want to start a new thread, but the topic is kinda important to me…
I would totally become a supporter if only there where other payment options. PayPal or ideal preferably.
Just saying.

I would really like to become a supporter, but I don’t have a creditcard. Is it possible to add other payment methods like Paypal to the site?

I thought paypal had been added as an option? Sorry I can’t check easily. If you go to become a supporter it still only says paying by credit card is the only option since that update about pricing came out?

Oh, there is an option to pay with iDeal, I just found out. But it only works if you select the Prepay option and pay for a few months of your choice.

Still no Paypal option for the subscription, it goes to the Stride website, and I can only input creditcard info.

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Ah I get prepay for a few months each time. Hopefully Jim will add it in the future as there would be more than you wanting to use it for the sub.