Improvement: Update to how activities are processed


I just reworked the way that activities are processed. This should be fantastic for new activities, but I’d like to hear from you if you’re seeing a lot of old activities that need to be processed.

In the past, I was running a huge system of going through all activities every ~3 hours to check for progress. Now, new activities are immediately processed to check for any street progress.

Here are some things that I’m worried about:

  • The display of percentage completed or progressed/completed lists could still be lagged by a few hours. If you notice this delay, let me know and I’ll look into fixing that up. If I don’t hear from anyone, then I’m going to assume it’s OK so please do speak up. :smile:
  • Old activities that haven’t been processed yet aren’t being checked any more. I’ve added a ‘Reprocess’ button on each activity, in case you want it to be checked again. If you have lots of activities that need to be reprocessed, then that could be a pain - let me know if that’s the case, and I’ll do it for you.


This is great!! It’s nice to see the new streets run right away. It’s not a big deal for the leaderboards to be lagged by a few hours or even a day.


I have noticed that it can take several days before some activities are reflected in the “Map View” on my account. Is this normal? I didn’t see my 7/11 run show on the Map View until 7/14.


Yeah, this is a problem I’m working on.

The map view should be cached for one full day, but it should be updated whenever there is a new activity. That ‘new activity’ update isn’t working right now.


Jim, This seems faster now? Did that new server help?


I’m not sure if it’s because of the updated code or the new servers (I moved from a single server to multiple servers in Amazon, which gives me a lot more flexibility when it comes to both overall growth and isolated traffic spikes). It’s definitely a lot more efficient now, though.


I’m looking at my old activities and a lot of them seem to be missing the map.
I was thinking that the reprocess button could help but I can’t find it anywhere on the activity page.
Could you give me a clue on where to find it? :smiley: