Improvement: Leaderboard View

I just updated the Leaderboard view so it displays the top runner in each city around the world.
The list includes runners who are leading in their city and have completed more than 30% of it.

Check it out - this map is awesome!

I think this could be improved quite a bit adding another parameter: Minimum number of streets. Let me show an example:

This city has only 5 streets so a fellow runner with just two streets completed could enter the Leaderboard (as it is the case). So the map would be better if it is only taken into account the cities with more than 100-200 streets. This would also reduce the number of cities displayed in the map making it clearer.

Please feel free to add more suggestions.


I would love to see an interactive leaderboard, where you could choose minimum number of streets and minimum completion percentage.

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aha, 3% to go then :slight_smile:

While visiting family and completing streets in a random city, I had a thought.
I would love to see a leaderboard based on total streets completed regardless of cities.
Our profiles already calibrate this for us individually, so not sure how much work it would be to tabulate.

Could encourage people to have more exploring runs on holiday/work trips/outside of their usual city limits.


Would it be possible to improve the leaderboard with different colors based on % completed.
Pehaps like red=30%, yellow=60%, green=90% and blue=100%