Imperial MO

Please help. I live in Imperial, MO and have completed a boatload of the town but I can get it to show my city or streets completed in it. It’s like it’s not even an option to complete the challenge in this area but I would like it to be since I’ve completed so much of it already. It shows the streets on the map but says I’ve completed 0 streets

Hi @andrewjohn7, few questions for you:

  1. Have you completed streets in other cities that do show up as completed?
  2. What service do you use for tracking? Stava, Garmin or otherwise?
  1. What challenge are you talking about?
    a. The general challenge of CityStrides of completing your city?
    b. This month’s street completion challenge: May Malaise
  1. Do you mean that your LifeMap shows the purple lines of your previous activities, or just that CityStrides does have the streets in Imperial showing up when you look at the map here?
  1. When did you sign-up, or when are these activities done in Imperial from?
  2. Do any of these activities show that streets are progressed (but not yet completed)

@andrewjohn7 @davemorin

Withdrawing my comment - thought it was an OSM>CS import issue but now see that it is in CS. Mixed up Missouri and Montana abbreviations, embarrassingly enough.

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Yes it highlights all the roads I’ve ran. The area I’m running just doesn’t seem to be recognized as a town that you can complete streets in. If that makes any sense. I live in Imperial, MO and another issue seems to be that I must live in an unincorporated part of the zip code so the map only shows the city of imperial that I have not completed any streets in yet. It’s pretty hard to explain without sitting right next to someone and showing them my screen. Anyway, just gonna keep knocking off streets and hoping it’ll get sorted out and I’ll be able to use the full capacity of the city strides website.

@andrewjohn7 Got it. This is usually a node/relation, boundary, or admin level issue in OSM, having not pulled in your town/city/census tract/however things are organized out there. What is the area called? I can try to figure out what the issue is so James can import it, or at least add it to the list of missing cities if it’s out of my league.

The missing city tracker is here

I was emailing with @andrewjohn7 directly about this, but what I found is pretty interesting so I figured I’d share it here:

This is my source: Relation: ‪Imperial‬ (‪141813‬) | OpenStreetMap
Google Maps has a similar view:,+MO

If I search for the zip code, it’s much larger:
Zip codes are weird, though. They don’t really indicate a city boundary.

Then I found Imperial Township: Google Maps

Unfortunately, that isn’t present in OpenStreetMap. I won’t be able to add that to CityStrides until it’s mapped out in OSM.

I can try to get Imperial Township mapped in. Are the typical imports from admin level 8?

I can bring in any admin level, but that’s typically the level that I’ve seen used for cities.
Some people seem to have Opinions about admin level :smile:

@JamesChevalier @andrewjohn7
Imperial Township is ready to be brought in to CS (admin level 8; from the census TIGER shapefiles).

I can’t find it in Nominatim Demo
Do you know what Relation ID it recieved?

Will take a look when I’m back at a computer. Looks like 34630087, but noticed there may be a break in it. Will get it sorted this afternoon hopefully.

Alright, sorry - that took longer than expected due to an earlier misstep by me, but it really should be in this time.

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This is fantastic! Thanks!

If you’re looking to help out further, I have ~40 others that I don’t know how to edit in this same way: Missing/Broken Cities Tracker - Google Sheets

I have no idea how much effort that is, so I don’t know if I’ve just asked you to move a mountain. :grimacing:

The effort ends up being really dependent on what the issue is, but I’ve been learning a lot and figure I’ll get better as I go on. I’ll start tackling these as I can.
If you have any you’d like to give preference (asked for a lot, subscriber heavy requests, etc.) just let me know.

Will likely focus on the US first because in the cases where boundary data is missing entirely, I have a good idea where to get accurate data.

I appreciate the help! I have no idea how to do this, even with @jpbari trying to explain it (though he did explain “I don’t have enough knowledge or time to go through a full set of instructions on how to do this”) :smile:

Lately, the Connecticut runners have been the most vocal. Honestly, I’d be happy with any additions.

Well, here’s Parkville, MD for ya:

This will truly be random in difficulty. Parkville, MD exists in census data easily. Russett, MD I don’t know who I’d get in with confidence the borders are right. Shrug. I’ll go as I can. Want a new thread started for progress on these so we don’t hang out here in Imperial, MO or just update the google sheet?

The spreadsheet is best for me … I’ve had that open/pinned in my browser for months and I check it frequently. :smile:

Understandable that some will be easier than others. Don’t stress over 'em - we’re already two cities better than we were!


Stopping for today - but all of Connecticut on this list is ready to go (someone had recently fixed a lot of CT boundaries). Few others in progress.