Identify City(ies) in Activity

There’s one piece of information for an activity which isn’t displayed that could be very useful. That’s an identification of what city (or cities) the activity took part in. I’m imagining a list of cities (usually just one), and each city name is clickable to get to the city page.

As people travel (remember traveling?) they run in places they don’t normally run. Sometimes it’s not at all obvious where the heck they are. Being able to go to the activity to find out what city you’re getting credit for would be a useful thing. Even more so if they cross city boundaries, etc. You know what city your in-law lives in, but do you know where the city boundary is, or what the next city is?

Was thinking of very similar idea when I recently ran a street that crossed city boundaries. Was confused when reviewing the “progressed streets” in that activity and seeing the same street listed twice. Took awhile before I opened both in separate tabs and saw that they were separated by city.

This could be a tricky UX project as most of the time our runs/walks/hikes will be limited to a single city. Displaying the city name next to each street could overcrowd things in UI. Not saying it’s not worth it to look into but I just don’t envy having to design something like this.

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I like it. I pretty much know where I’m striding, but it would be helpful when it comes time to work on that next city, like, “Oh, I didn’t know I ventured into new territory.” But when we look at our profiles, we have a nice list of any city we completed a street in, but I don’t think we know if we gathered a node (without completing a street), in an unexpected place.

I wasn’t thinking that each street be identified as to the city, just a separate list of cities. Although that’s not a bad idea.

I’d be happy with whichever way it gets implemented.

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I think the streets could be grouped by city.

City EUR00001
Some street
Street that is in both cities
Some other street

City MEX10405
Street A
Street B
Street that is in both cities

Again, more than I’m asking for. But as long as you can get to the city from the name I’d be fine with this.

I have to ask about the bridge that’s connecting Europe and Mexico. I’m assuming that the bridge is the street that’s in both cities? Nice of them to include a pedestrian lane.

@fredrik.coulter, I know one bridge, the Pinellas Bayway, that has nodes on the St. Pete Beach side, and on the St. Petersburg side, but not both (I think), so I suspect that’s how all should work. OSM should have the segments properly tagged for which city they are in, no?

Theoretically, after the node cleanup is finished, each street will be in only one city. If the street extends across a city line, it will be turned into two streets, on in each city.

The point is you’d have to look at each segment individually to see what city it’s in rather than looking at the activity to see if you’ve run in two (or more?) cities.

As you can tell by going to the other Pinellas Bayway (Pinellas Bayway in St. Petersburg, Florida - CityStrides), this one in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg and St. Pete Beach have not been cleaned up yet. The two streets share nodes. If you run across one of the shared nodes you will get credit for both Pinellas Bayway in St. Pete Beach and St. Petersburg. Two different “streets” in two different cities.

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@fredrik.coulter Thank you for that explanation. Makes sense now.