I disconnected Strava - that was dumb

I disconnected thinking my history would stay, the plan was to use mapmyrun as the man in the middle (Garmin>MapMyRun>CityStrides) vs. Strava.

Now I’ve lost all the Strava data, I’ve reconnected Strava, it’s been about 12 hours, I still don’t see the Strava data. How do I get all of that data back into CityStrides?

Thank you!

Yeah, for anyone reading along: Do not de-authorize access; this deletes all your data in CityStrides

You’re going to have a lot of waiting ahead of you, as there’s a massive backlog of Strava work: CityStrides

I’m working on improving that backlog processing to be more efficient and fair, but right now it’s just a first-in-first-out queue. There’s an ongoing discussion of this work here: Reserved upload slots for Subscribers?


Potentially stupid question but I’m not a computer guy, so oh well. Could you pull from Garmin instead of Strava? Cons: it would create problems for non-Garmin people. Pros: no API limit?

It’s not that it can’t be done, the platform currently doesn’t provide that capability.

Yeah, that question was directed at @JamesChevalier, not you. Sorry, I should have tagged him.

From what I’ve heard, Garmin wants a crap ton of money to be able to access their data. It may not be a crap ton to Strava, but it’s a lot for a one man hobby website that’s recently become extremely popular.

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Sounds solid! Side note; I’m not sure if it’s them that says “we want you to pay to access our data” or if it’s just your words saying “to access their data” It drives me crazy when companies think this is their data. I went for a run, I generated MY DATA, I uploaded MY DATA to Garmin, and I choose to share my data on the strava platform (along with others) I know I’m going off on a tangent here, but some companies look at my data as theirs and I really dislike that.


Fair point!
They have since dropped the money requirement, though.
I have access to their documentation & have it on my list to figure out an integration. Their API is wildly different from other services, because of the offline nature of their devices.


If you get a connection to Garmin up and running AND their API limits are looser than Strava’s, I’ll be happy to switch over from Strava to Garmin. Even if it’s no faster than Strava it would free up Strava for some other non-Garmin users.

What I don’t want to do would be to move from Strava to Garmin if my runs block a higher percentage of other people than my current connection does.

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