I completed Seattle today

Four years, 3000+ miles, a shitload of hills, weird industrial zones on Sunday mornings, hilly AF neighborhoods at sunrise, Capitol Hill Occupied Protest the morning after riots the summer of 2020, gravel and dirt trails that feel miles outside city limits… this project has been intense. It gave me focus during a time when I needed focus. It drove me to run more, and hillier, and weirder and farther afield than I would have for any other reason. It introduced me to Weird Seattle and Historic Seattle and Sketchy Seattle, not just Beautiful Seattle. It gave me ownership of a place where I felt like a stranger. I’m proud and sad to be done.

Thank you, @JamesChevalier, for creating this amazing site. Watching my map gradually turn purple kept me going out to new streets for early-morning and weekend runs, and watching the completion bar creep up, ever so gradually, was an execise in commitment and perseverence.

I don’t know what I’ll do next, but I know I will miss the sense of purpose and focus that hunting down nodes brought me. It’s been a very special project. I will miss it.


Congratulations! Know that your accomplishment is a tremendous encouragement to the rest of us. I always like to look at people’s progression and completion maps whenever I feel like I’m hardly making a dent. It helps me keep at it.

I hope you hang that map on your wall and get a boost in confidence every time you see it.