I completed my city

I’ve now finished running all of the streets in Leicester, England. There were 2994. The hardest part is I don’t drive so often had a 15 mile run for a small number of streets.


Wow, that’s impressive! How long did it take you, not from scratch, but from you started active Citystriding?

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Thanks - it’s my home city so I had done a lot of the streets but when I joined CityStrides. I think I was on about 30%. It took three years to complete but I wasn’t focusing on it for all of that time. In the summer I would do more as I could do longer runs midweek. It was my main focus during lockdown and I went from 50% to 100% in the the last year.


Congrats! And here I thought I had it tough when I needed a 7-miler to pick up a few streets!

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Thanks. 15 miles to get one node was the worst. It turned out to be the last node I needed to complete, so turned out to be the best.


Congratulations! That’s impressive, both the number of streets but especially the no-driving-to-start-points aspect.

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Amazing work - congratulations!

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Thank you and thanks for putting the site together that enabled this.