How to help with adding cities?

Hi James,

There are some cities I’ve been wanting added for quite some time (Ottawa, Canada, in particular). I heard there are ways to help with this; but can you perhaps make it more clear how we can contribute here? Or perhaps improve the tooling somewhat?

I see that some people have helped with maps before, but I don’t have the bandwidth to learn from scratch. (There’s a README out there too, somewhere? I’ve read it but it was pretty unclear for a person without open street maps experience, I thought at the time?)


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Yeah, this process is tough (which is why there hasn’t been much movement).

There’s one process for individual city collection if the city exists correctly in Open Street Map. That’s covered in the README in my public collection of city data.

There’s another process for individual city collection if the city doesn’t exist correctly in Open Street Map. That’s sort of covered in my reply within this issue. It’s super painful, inaccurate, and I don’t suggest doing it. :grimacing:

There’s yet another process for bulk data collection (which I greatly prefer, where possible). I don’t have this documented anywhere - it’s a collection of scripts I’ve cobbled together. It collects data on the Region level (which is defined differently for every country - in the US this is each State, and in Canada I think I’ve been using the Provinces), so I can grab many cities at once.

:thinking: I should take another look at the processes/scripts to see if I can extract any of it into usable tools for people to help out with… :anguished:


Thanks for the links. If I can find some time I’ll take a look. If you have some scripts on your Github (?) I can try them out.

Hi @JamesChevalier,

I followed your guide for when the city does exist in OSM.
I’ve created a Pull Request for Sydney, NSW, Australia.

It contains all 30 Regional Councils (as shown here: ) and a large map of Sydney as a whole.

Would you be able to confirm that I have done the correct thing? As far as adding cities to your system goes, is anything else required, other than these *.poly files?

If not, and it was as simply as the above, then that’s fantastic! I’d love to be able to contribute some more cities/locations as I require them.

I did have a further question - once new cities have been added, does your system re-scan previous activities to populate statistics for everyone? Obviously I’ve added a lot of regions in Sydney - in some of them I would have run large numbers of streets, and I am very curious to see how I have gone thus far!

Thanks for a great idea!

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Hi @JamesChevalier. When I click on “the Provinces” link in the above post, it shows you acquired more cities for Quebec, Canada. In that link it shows Magog_Quebec.poly. Does this mean it has been added to Citystrides? When I do a search for Magog under cities, it does not return any results and that city does not show up in my profile for the streets I have run. How do you handle the added cities request. Will you be updating with “complete”, “pending”, or “can’t be added”? Thank you for all you do.

Hi James,
I created the OSM for Berlin on my computer “for fun”, but I don’t see how to help you in this specific case because you already have a polygon in your Github.
In case this is the missing link: Berlin is the sole city in the state of Berlin!
I am willing to help for more cities or states if I understand your needs better.
My questions:
1- Can you use German state-level data? (There are only 16 states, 3 of which being cities.)
2- Do you have a limit of 1000 cities per state? (It should be enough if you defined German cities in a broad way.)
3- Should I try a pull request with a few cities that are really missing (contrary to Berlin)?
4- Can you have a look at Berlin (more than 3,5 millions inhabitants and many tourists, so quite relevant)?
5- What else can I do to help?
Thanks in advance!