How to delete a single activity?

So I have some 3,000+ activities in my Runkeeper, and I would like to junk a few that have some tracking glitches just like pictured.

Now, is there anyway I can isolate and delete individual activities through Citystrides? In the recent past, I’ve clicked on a route and it told me the date that I completed it, but somehow that doesn’t always happen, otherwise I can go back to my Runkeeper to delete the selected views.

Thoughts on the solution?

And ps. I tried to add Joshua Tree, California (and Yucca Valley, Bombay Beach) as a city, but I will have to follow your other thread on how to do that.

If you’re a Supporter, you can tap the activity to go to its page & use the Delete option in the vertical three-dot menu at the top of the page. It’s a bit easier on a computer, since you have finer control over the mouse which makes hovering/clicking easier.

I’d probably recommend editing them in Runkeeper first, then deleting them in CityStrides. After they’re deleted, you could choose “Sync Now” from the top right menu (or reply here asking for a sync, if you’re not a Supporter).

IMPORTANT: You must fix or remove these activities from Runkeeper as well. Any account syncing, outside of Garmin, can cause historic activities to come back into CityStrides. Runkeeper doesn’t have a “push” service, so I need to poll them daily to see if there is anything new to sync into CityStrides. This makes it much more likely that older activities will re-sync in.

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Thanks James!
Another quick question. In the past, I’ve selected a single route on CS and it showed me the date when I completed the activity. But that’s not always the case, because a lot of times, no dates have appeared.
How can I look up the date(s) on a single activity?

In my original question, I would like to be able to select the glitch and determine the date that activity was completed to track and delete in my Runkeeper.

If you’re talking about the feature of being able to hover over your LifeMap (either on the actual LifeMap page, or wherever you toggle the LifeMap on throughout the site), then that’s a little finicky … I’ve noticed it sometimes places the popup in the very far upper left corner of the map for some reason, but re-hovering usually fixes this. Sometimes I just wiggle my mouse over the activity line to make it ‘catch’.
I haven’t experienced issues with clicking the activities, though.