How should I obtain these nodes?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an intersection at the end of a highway, at a light, that is quite wide and unsafe for pedestrians.

It’s Main Street in Trumbull, CT, USA. The intersection is circled in pink. I can run the southern part and northern part. The west moving road in yellow has no nodes (it’s basically a highway as well).

Normally if a street is clearly un-runnable I would go into OPM and edit it to better suit reality (for example when a road no longer exists).

But here I’m stuck on how to fix it. Should I just run up to the intersection, like I did for the northern part and mark the nodes as complete?

Thanks for the help!

IMO that is your best option. You don’t need to technically connect the lines between both sides ie run across intersection. You just need to come within 25 meters (according to your GPS device) of the nodes at intersection for them to be hit.

You can’t mark individual nodes as complete; only entire streets.

If you felt it was unsafe for yourself to get the couple of nodes at the intersection, you could even skip them altogether as it’s only two nodes. Main St. currently has 313 nodes. Citystrides marks a street as ‘complete’ when you hit 90% of the nodes; you need to hit 100% of nodes only when the street has 10 or fewer nodes. That means for Main St. it will be marked as complete when you hit 282 of the nodes.

Note: Don’t put yourself in harm’s way just to hit a couple nodes. It’s not worth it. Each person has a different risk tolerance so only do what you feel comfortable with.

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Thanks yes I meant the street.

I didn’t realize that about the 90%. That’s helpful thanks. It’ll probably be what I do.

I ran on the road a bit higher up due to the side streets and it felt ok for safety.

But that intersection is not gonna happen on foot.

Thanks for the input!

I had a quick look, and you could run from the south via Broadway rd towards the commute parking lot, that’s enough. If you want to be very thorough, go to osm and mak the junction nodes ‘foot = no’. form google streetview, i would thin that is most realistic. Looks like a dangerous place to go on foot