How picky are you on running every street?

I was wondering - in your mind, what would be considered as running a complete full street? Nodes? Until you run all the map lines? Or else?

For example, this is my run this morning:

If you look at the nodes, E Portobello Dr. would be completely covered by my run, but alas, at the end, I had to go back to paint the perfect purple line across the whole street. Yes, it has become my OCD to do the perfect running picture through CS :grinning:

Anybody else has experienced the same thoughts?

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Finish the streets, people! :smile:

The nodes are primarily there to help you gauge your progress.
Remember, it’s “run every street” not “pause for long enough that GPS sees you’re standing close enough to every node”. :rofl:


Definitely run the whole street! Never mind the nodes!


Definitely finish the street! Although I haven’t switched on Hard Mode it’s definitely how I see the challenge :grin:. The only exceptions are the ones that are just not safe to walk.



I’ve done that many times, lifemap is the only guide

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Previous big thread on topic.

Personally I’d stop talking to any friends that did and thought option A in previous thread was fine. /s


At first, I did it in two “stages”: First, get to 100% (i.e. capture the nodes), then go back and actually get the streets. In retrospect, I would say that that was because I was so eager to get to 100%.

Now, I just go directly for the streets, and ignore the nodes.


100% run every single street. Isn’t that why we came to CityStrides in the first place? I recently noticed someone else completed my town after I was the first to hit every street, but upon checking their Lifemap he only hit the nodes. Lame… Node-hunting is the antithesis of CityStrides, but hey, to each their own.


I’ve had it a couple of times that I’m walking a street until the end, but for some reason I don’t do the last 10 meters or so. Because I’m in a hurry, or walking quite long already, or the weather sucks. And I forget about it right away. I end the walk, go home, check CS and guess what? ONE NODE. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Especially fun if it’s a dead-end street. But hey, my own fault, right? :smirk:


Not only do I doublecheck on CityStrides, I go back and recheck on my Strava heatmap as well. 100% - all the streets!


I actually didn’t know that nodes were a thing for about the first month of using CityStrides. Sometimes, I wish I still didn’t—though they definitely keep me accountable on dead-ends. They’re always at the very tip of those blasted things.

I wonder, how hard would it be for those streets that are just two nodes at intersections, to add a node in the middle? Even on hard mode, I have found a stray block here or there that I have forgotten because I got 100% on the street by hitting every node.

Probably not too hard to add a third node. I think the rationale against adding such nodes in OSM is that it adds bloat without providing any additional mapping info and is therefore considered bad practice.

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I guess it could be done directly in CS, inserting a ”virtual” node between two real nodes under certain rules during the import process.

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Very picky. Always make sure I connect to the purple line of a street I’ve already completed. Gaps like this drive my OCD a little nuts. I’ll be sure to close that gap next time I work on more streets in that neighborhood.